Monday, 30 January 2012


Everything that lives do not live alone, even to himself. They say that life is short, but it is not true. Life is long for those who can live small happiness. And that such happiness is out there, disguised as a quiet child playing hide and seek. Unfortunately sometimes we do not realize that our existence and collecting rejections: the journey we have not done this we do not give the party that we were not, we do not live the love that we feel the scent. Life is more exciting when you're not an actor and spectator, when you're not a pilot and passenger, bird and not landscape, rider and not riding. And as it is made of moments, can not be measured in years or months but in minutes and seconds. This message is a tribute to time. Both at that time you took advantage of that time in the past as you will not waste in the future. Because life is now ... "Do not be afraid of the future, just fight and try your best to make it the way you always wanted" "Death is not the greatest loss of life. The greatest loss of life is what dies inside us while we live. "

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